Demo Reel

List of Content

:00-:06 Intro Animation. Using After Effects and Opentoonz
“Big Gods” ’19 Music Video for Baba Brinkman
Compiled, editing, graphics, and animation. Using Premiere, Illustrator, After Effects.
:11-:13 “Dinner” ’18 Video for Lisa St. John
animation, direction, and production. Using toonboom, After Effects, Photoshop.
:13-:15 “HUENE” ’19 Pride Month Animations. Using After Effects.
:15-:17 “Math Animations” ’18 Animations for Nadia Mulvhill. Using After Effects
:17-:20 “Dinner”
:20-:22 “The Runner” ’15 For Imoni Cole S. Palmer. animation and direction. Using Photoshop and After Effects
:22-:25 “In The Beginning: The Three” ’19 Animation for Things Took a Turn. Using Opentoonz and After Effects
:25-:28 “Dzhelasi Intro Card” ’19 Animation for Dzhelasi Art Channel. Using Opentoonz and After Effects.
:28-:31“Rotojam” ’17 Done for The Rotojam Collective. Using Photoshop and After Effects
:31-:33“Boogey Owl” ’19 Halloween Animation. Using Photoshop, After Effects (DUIK)
:33-:35 “Uzumaki” ’19 Animation. Using After Effects.
:35-:37 “Prayer of St. Francis” ’19 Music Video for All Around Artsy. Animation, Rotoscoping, VFX, Art Design. Using Photoshop, After Effects.
:37-:39 “Inside You” ’18 Music Video for E.T.C.
Animation and creative direction. Using Toon Boom, After Effects.
:39-:44 “Dinner” ’18
:44-:48 “Rotojam” ’19 Rotoscope for The Rotojam Collective. Using Photoshop and After Effects.
:49-:56 Cheers, End Animation. Using After Effects, Opentoonz